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23 April 2015 @ 09:42 am
- all characters must be from the game of thrones modern au roleplay 'blood and glory'. plenty of ficathons and kink memes out there for the actual show/books :)
- prompts are pretty much anything goes! it's the end of an era so go wild - we encourage prompts centered around 'what happened afterwards' but AU's of previous events, fic of past threads or storylines, and so on is all accepted
- there is no epilogue canon so be inventive with prompts as you like!
- leave a pairing or character in the comments, along with an accompanying prompt - eg cersei/jaime, the valonqar; stannis/davos, the fool who loved his prime minister too much
- fills can be kink or gen, anything goes :)
- graphics and fanart are also accepted, fanmixes too
- no hate - it's been a while we know and not everyone parted ways as friends but please don't cause any drama - if there's anyone participating you'd rather not interact with again, then don't! ~honour the memory~ and be considerate to others please :)
- multiple fills are encouraged
- plz be having fun!!!!!